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15th of May 14.00-17.00

"A sparkling travel through the history of burlesque!" You don't need to have the ambition to be a burlesque performer, but it is all about exploring your inner Diva and opening a new world of sensuality with a big smile and a wink.

We will work on a classical burlesque routine with basic moves like tassel twirling, shimmies, bumps and grinds and how to remove a stocking and gloves elegantly.

It will be loads of fun, and don't worry, burlesque is all about attitude. We will not make you strip down to your G-string!

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The total costs of this 3 hour workshop are €75 a person.
If you book for you and your friend(s) you get a 20% discount!

The Burlesque workshop is fantastic. Had a blast, and learned to move in a sensual and sexy way, while looking like a million bucks - Yara Hannema


16th of May 14.00-17.00

The big burlesque stars from yesteryear used giant ostrich feather fans to reveal and cover their luscious curves. It was the ultimate tease for the audience!

In the first half we will do this beautiful choreography with fans, that will make you feel like a queen of burlesque.

In the second half we will make some sparkling custom made nipple pasties that you can show off at home!

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The total costs of this 3 hour workshop are €75 a person.
If you book for you and your friend(s) you get a 20% discount!

The one day workshop I had with Beeby Rose opened to me a whole new world about the burlesque. The charm, the sophistication and the glamour are finally back! I cannot wait to follow the 5 days course and all others she might teach! Priceless! - Priscilla Dieb


5th of September 14.00 -17.00

Belly dance is rooted in ancient temple dances in the Pharaonic time, to please the gods & goddesses. Temple dancers were high in status and deeply admired and carried great mystique.

This workshop is for all levels of experience giving beginners a reconnection with their sensuality and advanced performers more depth and feminine quality in their dance routines.

This class is all about exploring the deep mystique of Dance.

Of course we will combine it with the sauciness of burlesque and loads of Shimmies,hip thrusts,snake arms and chest movements. This one is not to be missed!

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The total costs of this 3 hour workshop are €75 a person.
If you book for you and your friend(s) you get a 20% discount!

The workshops was a wonderful experience on many levels. Getting help to make a routine was of course a big part of it, but finding the confidence to share my ideas wih the world and even be on stage (I always thought I was too shy for that) was such a great feeling! Not to mention that I now have two sets of professional photos to put in my portfolio. This workshop was a very positive step towards a life of burlesque, and has given me new friends and tons of inspiration:) - Pinkie Purdue



starts 19th September 14.00-17.00

This all inclusive 5 part burlesque workshop will help refine your Burlesque performance and give you the confidence and extra boost needed in becoming the best performer you can be!

The workshop will cover everything from making a sparkling professional signature act, individual concept building, tips and tricks on costumes, props and appearance to help bring out your inner femme fatale!

All workshop participants will have the opportunity to perform at our newcomers showcase!

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The total costs for this workshop are €300

By following Beeby Rose's workshops it brought me to the beginning of my dream! - CeCe Dee

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All workshops are held in Amsterdam!

High Tease on a Sunday Afternoon

I attended Beeby Rose's Burlesque for Beginners workshop in January. After following the revival of burlesque in the last few years, I've been intrigued with the artform and having attending the amazing Amsterdam Burlesque Festival last year, I jumped at the chance of being able to learn more about it.

"What not to wear" was a dilemma for me to begin with - but I needn't have worried, everyone wore their version of sexy and no-one was expected to undress more than they felt comfortable with.

After the group introduced themselves, the workshop began with a warm up. Beeby led us through some playful exercises and we strutted our stuff to the sounds of "Fever". After Beeby reminded me that I wasn't supposed to be looking to the floor in search of spare change, I corrected my posture, arched my back and pushed out my cleavage...the beginning of body confidence!

Once everyone was nicely relaxed, Beeby taught us some choreography, including the Bump'n'Grind, the art of stocking and glove removal and the crowd-pleasing tassel twirling, which had everyone giggling! Beeby was self-deprecating and encouraging throughout the workshop and even the most timid were soon laughing and joining in...after all, burlesque is about theatre, fun, and not taking yourself too seriously.

The group was very supportive and there was lots of whistling and cheers from fellow starlets throughout the workshop. Watching everyone's performance and hearing Beeby's supportive feedback made me realise once again that burlesque is such an individual artform - everyone brings their own character to the show, the only rule is to have fun as you entertain!

I would definitely recommend the workshop to people with an interest in burlesque or for anyone who wants to build on their self-confidence. The afternoon went by so quickly, I'm already looking forward to taking a longer workshop in future.

Lisa White